What We Do

Tree Removal

If you’re tired of a tree always giving your problems, or if you feel one is becoming a dangerous entity in your landscaping, call our team out now to completely and thoroughly remove it. All together, the tree removal process is intricate and can create a lot of mess. But our team prides themselves on leaving each site spotless, if not better than when they arrived. We can either haul away any tree you have removed, or have it brush chipped into mulch that can be used if requested by the homeowner. Contact our friendly team now to book your tree removal service in Escondido, CA, and all surrounding cities.

Tree Planting

Tree planting may seem like a simple weekend project, but to ensure your tree has the best chance of placing root and growing strong, use our professional tree planting service in Santee, CA, or any neighboring town. With years of experience with all kinds of trees, we know what size hole, what depth, and what maintenance is needed for any tree. We can save you the hassle and time of tree planting. Our team works quickly and efficiently, so if you’re in need of tree planting after a previous tree removal, or you're looking to boost your landscaping with trees, call our team today and ask for a free estimate. We’re excited to work with you!

Stump Removal

Rather than grinding your stump down, leaving the possibility of pests and bugs making it their home, it is best to completely remove it altogether. Do not let termite, bugs, and beetles move into your property. Completely remove your stump to ensure that your landscaping is free of any insects and free your property of the eyesore that a stump would be. Call our team now to learn more about all the benefits of a stump removal process in Lakeside, CA, and every surrounding county.

Palm Tree Services

Palm trees are iconic in California. Where they are beautiful and statuesque, they can also be messy and unstable altogether. If you feel that your palm tree is endangering your home or property, or would simply like one taken out so you can move forward with a preplanned landscaping project, our team can handle the situation immediately. No matter the height of your palm tree, our team has the equipment and experience needed to safely remove your entire palm. So call us now and book an appointment for your next palm tree service in the entire San Diego, CA, area.

Brush Chipping

After we have pruned or removed a tree from your property, we can completely eliminate it through the service of brush chipping. As a more effective option than burning a tree, brush chipping is safer and more time efficient. We can remove any and all excess tree material, making sure your property is left completely clear and clean. Once your tree is chipped, we can haul it away or leave it behind if you’re in the market for mulch. If you want to learn more about brush chipping, call our team now in El Cajon, CA, and every surrounding area.

Emergency Services

Whether one of your trees is starting to grow too close to a power line or you feel a tree is too weak to withstand the next storm, our team can come out and quickly deal with the situation. If an emergency has already happened, we will come out with the same speed and address the problem immediately so that you can go back to your daily routine. Never hesitate to call us if you've found yourself in an emergency situation. Our team is always ready for your call.

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